Decor, furniture, exhibition equipment

Our company offers a wide range of accessories for additional equipment of structures. Exclusive design will help create the right atmosphere, and external decoration systems – this is a memorable solution that can significantly increase the effect of the event. We offer a variety of decor options, depending on your tasks and the particular location of the tent construction.

Carpet cover

Carpet cover. Soft carpet, designed for laying entirely on the entire area of the room. Carpet is an excellent floor covering. It gives irreplaceable comfort and significantly improves the heat – soundproofing of the room. Cost (1 m²): 70 UAH (for sale)

Exhibition equipment Octanorm

Для того, чтобы ваша выставка или конференция прошла успешно, у нас предусмотрены необходимые конференц-системы и полный комплект Octanorm, бренд мирового масштаба, который занимает особое место среди поставщиков систем выставочного оборудования на основе алюминиевых профилей.

Выставочное оборудование Octanorm 1 м²: 750 грн. за мероприятие (до 3-х дней)

To qualitatively and effectively carry out your event, you usually need a large amount of various furniture. We provide a wide choice of furniture, which we lease for various events: banquets and receptions, trainings and seminars, corporate holidays and weddings. Correct design of space and zones for a cocktail and rest significantly increase the effect of the event!

Catering table: 300 UAH (without a cover) / 400 UAH (with a cover)
Classic Chandelier: 500 UAH / day
Office chair: 60 UAH / day
Event-chair: 40 UAH / day