Floor system

We offer different types of floor coverings. Thanks to the rigid frame of the metal frame and fast assembly technology, these systems can be used year-round at any event. Modern technology allows you to install the floor on any, even completely uneven surfaces. Such systems cover any natural planes without causing harm: grass, lawn, flowerbed, sand, soil, earth.

Boardwalk Hocker

Boardwalk “Hocker”. Wood has been widely used in construction in ancient times, is popular now. Correctly laid board of the floor looks great and harmoniously fits into the interior. It is durable, warm, eco-friendly, easy to clean. The wooden floor does not cause allergies, it keeps heat, creates a special atmosphere. Aluminum frames provide an even, smooth floor surface and an optimal weight distribution.

Floor Layher

The “Layher” floor provides a perfectly flat surface, even if the playground has a large slope. A robust and reliable design is easy, technologically in the assembly, convenient for export. This type of floor is ideal for areas of the most complex configuration.


Podium. Indispensable for fashion shows. It is used to visualize the functional area of a room or to release useful space in a confined space.