Walls and doors

Depending on the purpose of the construction, the Röder HTS Höcker can be equipped with various wall options:

Dense PVC Walls

ense PVC walls (with window and deaf) have the highest strength. PVC fabric is resistant to solar radiation and does not burn out in the sun. In the cold, she also showed herself on the best side and does not lose her qualities. Do not let the moisture, unaffected by rotting, easy to clean. PVC fabric guarantees durability in operation outdoors all year round. It can be easily used as an advertising plane. Cost: 0 UAH (included in the database).

Double glazed windows Hocker

Double glazing Hocker provide natural illumination of the interior, protection from atmospheric influences, its heat and sound insulation. Cost (section 5 m): 1600 UAH (the first day).

ABS plastic panels

Plastic ABS panels are walls from engineering plastic. Has high impact resistance and rigidity. For these parameters, ABS plastic sheets are much superior to even impact-resistant polystyrene, not to mention other types of plastics. At the same time, it is flexible enough, light and has high wear resistance. ABS plastic has an attractive appearance and aesthetically fits into any celebration. Cost (section 5 m): 800 UAH (included in the database).

You can also choose several door options:

Single-leaf doors

Single-leaf doors provide the proper level of heat and moisture insulation, are distinguished by excellent performance, reliability and durability. The plastic is reliable and provides you with protection against cold, dampness and sound. The cost: 2000 UAH.

Double-leaf doors

Double doors have the same qualities as single-leaf doors, but they have much greater capacity. If you have a mass event with a large number of guests, double doors are an ideal solution. The cost: 3000 UAH.