Rapid Deployment Shelters

RÖDER HTS HÖCKER has become an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, engineered yet cost effective Rapid Deployable Shelter (RDS) systems for the military, governmental, humanitarian and emergency relief sectors.

Our unique reservoir of experience in this specialist sector combined with our continuous product development program and stringent testing procedures across all RDS product lines ensures the consistent delivery of durable, economical and user friendly re-deployable shelter systems to this specialist market sector.

Depending on the type of application, elements such as rain, sand, snow and solar radiation must be excluded from the structure environment. The diverse range of Rapid Deployment Shelter systems provide temporary and semi-permanent covered space environments for a multitude of uses including living space, kitchen and dining, storage, aircraft hangars, workshop, warehousing capabilities needed in operating successful camp systems.

Rapid Deployable Shelter systems are available in a variety of different sizes and level of specification each designed for individual and multi-purpose operational applications safeguarding and securing personnel and supply equipment.

RÖDER HTS HÖCKER Rapid Deployment Shelters are categorised into four distinct product categories: Maintenance Shelters, Accommodation Shelters, Multi Purpose Shelters and Emergency Relief Shelters.

Military and humanitarian shelter applications are a core business area for RÖDER HTS HÖCKER. In addition to providing rapid deployment shelter systems, the company can, if required, provide a complete turnkey solution including the provision of lighting, electrical, power distribution and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Our turnkey solutions include qualified installation teams available for deployment worldwide to fully manage or advise on projects for both military and humanitarian applications.

Design of the series “Rapid Deployment Shelters” are divided into several categories to consider in more detail you can on the official website of RÖDER HTS HÖCKER, or to download the full product catalog:

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