Multi-Level Structures

RÖDER HTS HÖCKER Multi-Level temporary structure systems provide the ultimate space saving solution by creating additional floor coverage where space is at a premium.

Multi-Level tents available in both two and three storey configurations in eight strikingly versatile standard designs; “A” Framed, Curved, Semi Curved, Slanted, Multi-peak and Cube shaped.

Due to their modular design characteristics, Multi Level marquees can be installed in a variety of different configurations, shapes and sizes to suit specific event layouts and site restrictions. For example, the footprint of the upper lever could mirror the lower level. Alternatively, a smaller structure could be constructed on the upper level creating the perfect spectator viewing balcony area for enjoying the sight below.

To add further to their flexibility, 5.00m x 5.00m modules can be eliminated on the ground floor to create open galleried areas. In addition, the special modular design of the Multi-Level system means that the actual length and width of the structure is unlimited.

Whether in use at a golfing, tennis, horse racing, motor sport or any other type of event, our innovative and user- friendly two and three storey multi-level marquee systems are a sure winner every time.

Multi-Level tents are available with a multitude of accessory products to further enhance the visual appearance and functionality of the structure. Accessories include, insulated ‘THERMO’ air-filled roof covers – this innovative product increases thermal values thus reducing the amount of heating / air-conditioning required – cassette ABS hard and glass walling systems, double and single door units, internal and external stair cases, balustrades, upper and lower level flooring systems decorative linings and more.


Design of the series “Multi-Level Structures” are divided into several categories to consider in more detail you can on the official website of RÖDER HTS HÖCKER, or to download the full product catalog:

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