P-SERIES Small Party Marquees

A HÖCKER P-SERIES party marquee structure is much more than a roof over your head. It’s an investment that begins to yield a profit within a very short space of time. The limitless size and style configurations that are possible with a HÖCKER P-SERIES clear span marquee structure system make it not only a logical and economical solution, but also an extremely practical one.

The HÖCKER P-SERIES clear-span marquee system covers a wide range of modern marquee designs, developed specially with professional marquee rental companies and high quality end-user applications in mind. Their robustness, durability and stability, allied with fast assembly and dismantling times, have established the range’s enviable reputation among our customers for many years.

HÖCKER P-SERIES party marquee structures are available in clear-span widths of 3.00m, 4.00m, 6.00m, 8.00m, 9.00m, 10.00m and 12.00m. Our original manufactured HÖCKER Structures marquees and pavilions are modular by design and are based on a bay distance of 3.00m with a standard eave height of 2.40m. The basic starter unit is 6.00m long which can be infinitely extended with additional 3.00m extension bays.

Standard HÖCKER P-SERIES party marquees are available in a number of designs including the traditional “A” frame design, “CURVED” roof, hexagonal and octagonal designs. The range can be enhanced further by adding complete or half hexagonal or octagonal extensions to standard structures or integrating high-peak roof conversions between normal bays thus dramatically enhancing the marquee’s visual appearance.

In addition you can integrate one or more of the many HÖCKER P-SERIES Structures marquee accessories specifically designed for this range of marquee system. Accessories include steel sub-frame or integrated weighted cassette flooring systems, solid ABS or glass walling systems, single or double door units, linings, lighting and more.


Design of the series “P-SERIES Small Party Marquees” are divided into several categories to consider in more detail you can on the official website of RÖDER HTS HÖCKER, or to download the full product catalog:

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