Decor and furniture

Our company offers a wide range of accessories for additional equipment designs. An exclusive design will help to create the right atmosphere, and the external system of decoration, mounted on pre-fabricated buildings, is a memorable solution that can significantly increase the effect from the event! We offers various decoration options according to Your needs and characteristics of installation sites quickly-erected tent structures.

  • Carpeting (1м²): 65 UAH. (selling);
  • Fabric draping (1м²): 70 UAH. for the event (up to 3 days);
  • Rectangular table (120*80): 250 UAH. per day;
  • Square table (80*80): 80 UAH. per day;
  • Catering table: 200 UAH.(no cover)
    300 UAH.(case per day;
  • Classical chandelier: 500 UAH. per day;
  • Office chair: 60 UAH. per day;
  • Event chair: 40 UAH. per day;
  • Sofa (white + table): 2,000 UAH. per day, 2-day – 1500 UAH. 3rd day – 1000 UAH.;