AMBIENCE™ has realized projects of installation and renting of tent constructions for events of any levels and scales in any climate conditions successfully since 2012.

AMBIENCE™ has been the official representative of RÖDER HTS HÖCKER™ (Germany), the world leader of development and production of prefabricated constructions since 2015.

We will find an optimal solution for realizing any of your ideas.

We have a great experience of supporting film festivals, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, presentations, concerts and a lot of other events.


Our main aim is to provide service of the best quality to our clients!
Collective of AMBIENCE™ consists of professional team of developers, designers, projectors, customer managers, advertising and marketing department and a manager of decisions of territorial issues.


High-quality products from the company which you can trust!

RÖDER HTS HÖCKER specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of temporary prefabricated constructions. Applicable scope of RÖDER HTS HÖCKER constructions is extremely wide: exhibitions, concerts, corporate events, organization of cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment complexes, the construction of sports facilities, warehouses and industrial buildings, facilities for the army, and much more.